Success stories are created together.
  • Although the time difference is different, they often disturb them at 3 or 4 in the morning (China time), but they will be very patient to help me answer the questions.

  • My friend recommended China's HOSNON, specially flew to China for inspection, and I am very confident about the strength of HONSON. After the product is produced, I am satisfied!

  • I have fulfilled all my requirements for the product and completed all the orders within the specified time. It is a worry-free cooperation and will continue to cooperate.

  • In the 10 years of cooperation with HONSON, no matter the requirements of the shape and quality of the products, we will try our best to complete them. I like it very much, I believe we will have more 10 years of cooperation!

  • Because the relationship between logistics and HONSON has produced several contradictions, but the quality of his products made me unable to give up, I hope HONSON can improve the logistics.

  • Cooperating with many handles, the quality is beyond our standard. Especially the PS4 wireless controller! very good!

  • At the HK Electronics Show, I first came into contact with HONSON. Their self-developed handles were amazing to me. In the subsequent cooperation, I realized that this choice is not wrong!

  • Every time I fly to China to negotiate with HONSON, their R&D team can always bring me more inspiration and more surprises!

  • The OEM for the NES wireless controller has been optimized for my design to enhance the wireless range (up to 10 meters) and enhance battery life (5-6 hours). If you are looking for a supplier, highly recommend China HONSON!

  • Focus on the switch wireless controller, HONSON's high quality has given me countless praise, thank you HONSON!

  • Good quality and low price is my evaluation of HONSON!.

  • Can quickly solve my product problems. It is very good.

  • After receiving the product,Actually better than expected.One of cooperation under expectations!

  • Since the cooperation with HONSON in 2009, every cooperation has been perfected, and 9 years of cooperation has allowed us to grow together. I love HONSON!

  • When I first searched for this company on the Alibaba website, I felt very good. I took the sample list detection market. The praise from the market made me firmly believe that cooperation with HONSON can bring about a win-win situation.

  • Meeting with HONSON and the 2018 exhibition, their unique product design attracted me, and good service and high quality products made me willing to cooperate with HONSON.

See what users say:

Nick TK October 3, 2018

I have definitely seen multiple improvements with these new PS4 controllers over the older ones. The battery lasts a lot longer, the thumbsticks are more rugged and have a better grip on them, L2 and R2 buttons are more springy (a good thing), and the thumbsticks also feel way smoother when moving them around. Other things I have noticed is that the buttons are now grey like the throwback controller and there is now a light on the touchpad. Although the last gen controllers are still pretty good

emiko july 12, 2018

I am giving it five stars based solely on the look because the color is the deep red that one would expect from the photos. I hoped for a better color fit to the Mario Odyssey joy-cons.With that aside, I must say that if you are just searching for a grip with a better feel, then this might be for you. The grip feels very nice and is better than the original grip. The rubber material is great choice compared to the slippery plain plastic of the original and the slightly larger size allows more space for the index fingers at the back. The platform is perhaps a millimeter or two wider than on the original grip which might translate into a better fit for larger hands - this one is hard to judge though.

JHDK December 1,2017

This is the best case for the Switch. The rubber/plastic mix makes it feel very sturdy and wonderful to hold. It is easy to install and take off. Some people have complained that when the case is on the Joy Cons can not be removed and the Switch can not fit in the dock. If this is a deal breaker for you look elsewhere but from the description and pictures it is pretty easy to understand this before buying. With this case on my Switch along with a tempered glass screen protector I feel like my device is as protected as possible. The only minor flaw is that it is slightly harder to put game cards in the slot when the case is attached. However, it is by no means a serious problem and I still think this case is worthy of a perfect 5 stars.

Corey Hardin September 18,2017

So I have been rocking some nonsense my wife got me because she hates gaming and it shows when she buys me things. I needed a decent controller for some RPG's I play (not FPS games, I'm not a heathen) for my PC. This controller is fantastic for the price. It has a very nice weight to it and feels very well built. It has a very comfortable textured back and all the buttons have a press to them. The vibration is quite strong and the sticks are quite firm (ladies...). I would reccomend this product to anyone looking for a very solid wired controller.

Star Hernandez September 3,2017

Works perfectly with my new NES mini.The B+/A+ act as a true turbo repeater button rather than mapping to new buttons.


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